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Transparent Conductive Oxide
Transparent Conductive Oxide
Transparent Conductive Oxide
Transparent Conductive Oxide


Product introduction
TCO glass is Transparent Conductive Oxide glass,which is produced by coated one transparent conductive oxide film with physical or chemical methods.It consists of In,Sn,Zn,Cd oxide components or composite oxide film material
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Damin Glass, imported international level TCO coating lines and automatic pattered surface treatment facilities, to supply stable AZO
conductive thin-film glass.Annual capacity is around 1.5million SQM.
Main equipment: Multi-functional AZO coating line,patterned surface treatment automatic lines,testing facilities and other subsidiary equipment 

Products characteristics
Szie and strcture
Glass size£º1100×1400mm
Glass thickness£º3.2¡«8mm,
TCO film£ºglass /SiO2
Average film thickness: 1000nm 
Electrode property
Resistivityb: ≤10Ω/sqr
Uniformity of film thickness: ±10%
Uniformity of resistivity: ±7%
Sheet resistivity: 9.26
Uniformity of sheet resistance: ±10%

Transmittance: ≥80%(at550 nm)
AR Glass, it's also called  Anti-reflective glass, means high-transmittance coating glass,or low-reflective coating glass. It's based on nanometer porous inorganic SiO2 technology,coating one special chemical film on the glass surface,to lower the glass reflectance and enhance its transmittance.After AR coating, the normal low-iron transmittance rate can be rised from 91% to 97% roughly,meanwhile,the reflectance of glass can be reduced from 8% to 1%.The combinations of AR and TCO technology can enhance the PV solar modules converting and power efficiency extremely.

Comparison with AR coating and no-AR coating

AR characteristics
Enhance the transmittance,from 91% to 96%.Maximizes the conversion efficiency of solar modules
Treated by nano-technology,anti-reflective coating reduce diffuse reflection from 8% to 1%
Chemically-resistant, AR coating can withstand a range of PH in harsh outdoor environment)
Self-cleaning coating decomposes organic pollutants on the glass surface and reduce the
maintenances time)
Anti-reflective coating has minimal amount of light absorption
Damin AR Glass:
Glass size£º1100×1400mm
Glass thickness£º3.2¡«8mm,
Film:nanometer  porous inorganic layer
Average thickness of film(nm)£º1000nm

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